Marletta Romero is one of the best realtors we have ever dealt with. She guided us through a difficult short sale in McCall Idaho and was there every step of the way. Since we were out of town buyers, Marletta was always working with appraisers, propane providers, snow removal guys when we couldn’t be there in person. Marletta always provided us with quality points of contact in the area when we needed some services for the property as well. She knew the ropes and just how much pressure to put on the bank when required to get the sale moving in a timely manner. Marletta knew who the stakeholders were and made sure everyone was on board at all times. She went the extra mile. I call her a miracle worker since she was able to get the short sale done and at a huge discount to the original note on the property. Thanks to her efforts we now have a gorgeous home in McCall where we will be happy for years to come. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am sure we will remain friends for many years to come.

McCall, Idaho