Spring Mountain Ranch McCall, Idaho

Marletta guided us through a very difficult short sale.  We were the buyers of a short sale property.  Since we were out of state buyers we needed an agent who would be on hand at all times to guide us through the sale.  Marletta was always available to let appraisers into the property, line up  insurance agents and generally do all the footwork for us when we could not be on site.  She succeeded in closing the short sale to our delight.  I consider her a miracle worker in short sales since they are so difficult to close.  She accomplished our goal and now we are new owners of a magnificent mountain property purchased at a significant discount to the original price.  I would recommend Marletta to anyone interested in buying property in the gorgeous mountains of Idaho near McCall and surroundings.  She knows absolutely everyone in the valley and is a delight to work with at all times.

Scott & Wayne Dolick, Columbus, Georgia


Yellow Pine & Beautiful Payette Lake

We have selected Marletta on more than one occasion as our real estate agent.  She has always provided us with professional advice and service.  We are currently using her expertise for another purchase of property.  We know we will get the service and knowledge of the market from a professional  who is in the know!
Greg & Kathy Hanggi


Sellers in McCall, Idaho

We were having some problems selling the house, and because of her skill and professionalism, we felt secure and the sale worked.  She was very helpful and knowledgable about the community and what the market would be able to support.

Joe & Ann Kantola Eagle, Idaho


Second Home McCall, Idaho

Marletta ended up in a tough situation when she represented both sides of the transaction. I feel she handled the negotiation process as well as anyone could have. She also went above and beyond what other agents would have done to get the deal done. She is a veteran agent and knows the McCall area  market very well.

Kurt & Eva Marostica  Boise, Idaho


New Home in McCall, Idaho Buyers & Sellers

My husband and I have moved around a lot and Marletta has been the best realtor we’ve worked with. She helped us buy a home when we were new to the area, her expertise of real estate and of the area was extremely helpful. She also helped us sell our home a year later (we were moving yet again). Our  house was for sale with winter fast approaching we were ready to get renters in to keep the home occupied but with her sound advise we were able to get it sold!  I am so grateful we listened.

Dustin & Alicia Underhill  Bend Oregon

Log Cabin Meadow Creek New Meadows

Marletta’s assistance in helping us find and purchase a vacation home was over and above our expectations!!  We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a real estate agent in the McCall/New Meadows/Donnelly area!

Fred & Karla Slonaker, Meridian, Idaho

Home Purchased on McCall Golf Course

We purchased a vacation home in McCall through Marletta White-Romero two years ago.  She was  professional in her knowledge and experience, as well friendly and easy to work with.  Not only did Marletta sell us a home, she went the extra mile in helping us after the purchase.   We were very  satisfied with her  as a Realtor and would highly recommend her!!

Lance & Sara Soderquist Idaho Falls, Idaho

Buyers & Sellers from McCall, Idaho

We have worked with Marletta on several real estate transactions and were very impressed with each transaction.  She is professional, easy to talk to, and always willing to help out!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for real estate in the McCall area.

Matt & Heidi Galyardt McCall, Idaho

Aspen Condos

Marletta was very personable, kind,  and she showed us only properties  what we were interested in McCall. We were out of state and so it was important for us to have her available in McCall to help us get the offers made, and all the other details too. She is a long time resident and she knows the  area very well. She was also very helpful in lining up inspectors and the title company for the closing. She came highly recommended to us from our friends and she did not disappoint the recommendation one bit. We believe we have the property that we do because of working with Marletta. Marletta was also a very good resource to help us find a local contractor to help us with remodeling after we purchased the property. We cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Michelle & Steve Martinez   Pullman Washington

We have been looking at buying a home in McCall for 3 years.  Marletta stuck by us that whole time.  She never gave  up  on us.  I am sure she was wondering if we were really serious about getting a home but we wanted just the right one and we were willing to wait for that.  Marletta would send us information on homes she thought we would like.  She would schedule to meet with us anytime, even on days off!!  She would fit our schedule at a moment’s notice.  She was so very accommodating.  When we finally found the one we wanted, it was quite a process.  An unusual circumstance that doesn’t happen often.  It took several months to get the deal through.  Marletta stayed on top of all parties involved and went above and beyond for us in this situation.  She said her goal was to get this home for us and she did just that!!   We are thrilled with our purchase and so happy for the way Marletta stepped into our lives and our hearts.  She became like family to us.  She always asked about our kids and we shared back and forth in conversation about our kids.  She was never pushy.   She was always knowledgably about everything, even different  covenants in the different areas of town.  If she didn’t know the answer, she would find it out!!  She would normally know a story or two behind many of the homes we looked at which was very helpful.  She knew many builders.  She knew more than most real-estate agents we have ever dealt with.  Marletta is such a personable  gal.   I wish we were still looking in a way so we could see her but I know where she works and I can pop in on her anytime!!!!  Thanks Marletta for a job VERY WELL done!!

Tami and Alan Slonaker

Marletta is spectacular! She sold our lot in record time even though the current economic crisis made finding buyers extremely difficult. She has a good network of contacts established in this area and knows McCall intimately.  Marletta doesn’t just put your property in the local MLS then sit back and wait for buyers to come to her – she actively seeks buyers that may be interested in your property, and it works!
She was extremely professional and helpful during a difficult closing as well.  Marletta handled stubborn family members, confusing paperwork and a host of other unforeseen difficulties with grace, style and tenacity.  She shouldered the problems, smoothed out the wrinkles and kept everybody happy at the same time.

Brenda Jansson

Marletta Romero is one of the best realtors we have ever dealt with.  She guided us through a difficult short sale in McCall Idaho and was there every step of the way.   Since we were out of town buyers, Marletta was always working with appraisers, propane providers, snow removal guys when we couldn’t be there in person.  Marletta always provided us with quality points of contact in the area when we needed some services for the property as well.  She knew the ropes and just how much pressure to put on the bank when required to get the sale moving in a timely manner. Marletta knew who the stakeholders were and made sure everyone was on board at all times. She went the extra mile.  I call her a miracle worker since she was able to get the short sale done and at a huge discount to the original note on the property.   Thanks to her efforts we now have a gorgeous home in McCall where we will be happy for years to come.   I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I am sure we will remain friends for many years to come.

Scott Dolik

Working with you has been a pleasure.  You have been easy to communicate with, responsive to our questions and needs, and professional at all times.  Your knowledge of property and property values in Valley and Adams Counties is a distinct asset to folks like us interested in family recreation property, or to those interested in investment opportunities.  We do recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.

Pat & Biff Burliegh

Marletta is a highly qualified individual with a great ability to get the job done. We used Marletta for our real estate needs while we were in Mc Call and the Meadows Valley. Along with her real estate knowledge, I appreciate her honesty and integrity. She is a trained professional and I would highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs.

Sharon Van Raden